Big Screens Naturopolis

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18 Jun 2013

Naturopolis is a video piece depicting the struggle between nature and industrialization. Shot entirely in New York City, the piece highlights some famous landmarks in the metropolis.

One of the problems we encountered was how to keep the quality of images we shot on such a large space. We then resorted to shooting each frame in high resolution jpeg which allowed us to keep the resolution very high instead of shooting in video.

All of the animation pieces were rendered using code which meant we could just point where we wanted the green to grow and move at a natural pace rather than a straight line.

Once we had all the elements together, we assembled everything in After Effects and rendered for the Big Screen.

Filmed using a Nikon D800E, D700 and D200. Rendered in Adobe After Effects and Processing.

Originally shown at the Interactive Corps 120ft video wall in New York City last March 1, 2013

Co-Created with Kim Ash for the Big Screens class under Daniel Shiffman at ITP.