Fan Feeder

This project is tagged under: mobile

01 May 2013

Fan Feeder is a mobile app design to help improve the music festival experience by showing you the closest and quickest way to have good time.

We created a user centered design in where user’s preferences were determined using data already stored on your mobile phone. Using music preferences and the phone book, the app will determine which concerts at the festival you would most likely want to go to and show if your friends are going to the same festival as well.

Using a polar map design instead of the cartesian maps that are in all festival apps, the user is always at the center of the map. It would show you the closest place to get food which could be just behind you.

Or tell you which of your favorite shows are about to start.

Originally designed for the Design Expo class under Clay Shirky at ITP.

Developed with Patrick Hogan, Stefanie Kleinman and Jacki Steiner