Click and Hold It

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01 Dec 2012

Click and Hold It came out of as an answer to “what could be the stupidest thing you can do online?”

We immediately came upon the idea of “who can hold the mouse down the longest?”.

We tried imagining this as a Google Hangout plug-in. But we wanted the room to be always open which was not possible.

Web-RTC was still very new and we didn’t feel that we could build it in six weeks or less.

We eventually built it in Processing using four mac minis in a private network connected on a gigabit switch.

We attached a webcam for each terminal to assure players that they were playing against humans.

Players were asked to hold the mouse down over a moving circle. This was to fight against potential bots.

There was no win scenario, everyone ended up losing as soon as they lifted the mouse button and/ or moved the cursor out of the circle.

Built on Processing with the OSCP5 library.

Originally built for the Designing Conversational Spaces class under Clay Shirky at ITP.

Developed with Ana Benedetti, Mick Holdnik and D.I. Shin.

Download it from github.

We are currently developing a version for web browsers running on Web-RTC.